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8 April, 2021

4 key aspects in rethinking remote employee connectivity in 2021

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During 2020, we saw many companies in South Africa scrambling to get their employees set up to work from home. While many companies predicted a return to offices in early 2021, it is now clear that many employees will be working remotely for much longer than expected. Technology, software and sales-based companies typically had some experience in work-from-home setups, while many other companies didn’t .

Reliable and cost-effective mobile connectivity remains critical for many employees that don’t have fibre or fixed-line connectivity options. Especially administrative teams like accounts, customer support and call centre employees are not typically roles that are geared for work-from-home setups. Besides the scramble for new policies, meeting schedules, performance management and culture change, one of the most important aspects for IT managers is to get employees connected fast and reliably.

Having advised many companies on mobile data connectivity options over the last 10 years using their SIMcontrol online platform, these are some of the important factors that the team at Flickswitch have identified as key aspects to consider when deploying employee connectivity;

1.Multiple mobile networks

Companies need the ability to easily deploy and manage data SIMs across various mobile network operators, as network coverage and quality varies across areas and managing mobile data SIM cards across multiple mobile networks can become very tricky. Some roles may also justify supplying two SIMs from different networks as redundancy.

2. Ease of deployment

With employees coming and going, being flexible is critical. Companies need to be able to quickly order, deploy, manage and disable data SIMs as needed. Being locked into long-term contracts makes this very difficult.

3. Quality of networks

The last year has proven yet again that mobile networks are not all equal in terms of network quality. Being locked into a single network that does not perform in a specific area can be very bad for employee productivity.

4.Control and Reporting

Being able to manage and control data SIMs across various mobile networks is critical for managing data SIM cards at scale. Cost control on individual SIM level and detailed reporting is essential.

South Africa is lucky to have a very mature mobile network infrastructure with very good data coverage nationally. The big benefit of mobile data is that you can get connected immediately, and don’t have to worry too much about where exactly the employee will be based.

Mobile networks globally have seen a 40% – 60% increase in overall data usage on their networks due to COVID-19-related work-from-home policies.

SIMcontrol allows companies to manage prepaid, contract, APN and roaming data SIMs from various mobile networks on a single online platform. Contact the Flickswitch team today for advice on different data connectivity options.