About us

We have more than 10 years of experience in partnering with Mobile Network Operators and connectivity providers to help their customers better manage device SIM cards at scale.

At Flickswitch, we design, build and manage web-based software platforms that makes it easier for companies to deploy and manage large numbers of SIM cards.

Typical deployments include IoT (Internet of things) and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) devices that needs reliable and cost-effective connectivity managed on a web-based platform.

We believe in looking for opportunities that solves real-world problems and simplifies complex telecommunication challenges.

As Mobile Network Operators start catering for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, customers are often bombarded with over-complicated solutions that are not always fit for purpose.

We take time to understand what customers need, and build software platforms that simplifies the complexities of managing connected devices at scale.

Our Partnerships

We work with companies in a range of sectors, specifically to help them simplify their IoT, M2M and device connectivity. We also work with Mobile Network Operators and Internet Service Providers to launch easy to use White-Label connectivity management platforms.