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5 October, 2020

Tech Central: SIMcontrol leads the way in African Sim management

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Managing data Simsdeployed across several African countries can be tricky for companies that operate across the continent. SIMcontrol is a revolutionary offering from Flickswitch, providing companies with one single online platform to manage all connected mobile data devices. Typical applications include IoT, security, fintech, point of sale and many other devices requiring reliable mobile data connectivity.

With over 10 years’ experience, Flickswitch started in South Africa and expanded its SIMcontrol reach into the rest of Africa, offering Sim management on local networks as well as global roaming options that cover all African countries at cost-effective roaming rates.

By being “network agnostic”, it offers one platform to manage local and roaming Sims. SIMcontrol will gladly help companies that are needing to deploy Sims in African countries and assist with choosing the best Sim options to suit your needs and budget. With more connected devices being deployed across Africa, it can make managing Sims complicated and risky.

Flickswitch is positioned as the African Sim management experts and the firm is leading the way in innovative new ways of keeping company data Sims connected. By managing prepaid for business, managed APNs and global roaming Sims, Flickswitch offers customers different Sim options across different networks.

Hundreds of pan-African companies use SIMcontrol to easily connect all their mobile data devices to the Internet cost effectively, reliably and quickly. Typical industries making use of this service include retailers, tracking and logistics, security, mining, and oil and gas, and it’s also used in IoT applications.

See what you spend

The SIMcontrol see-what-you-spend approach eliminates the risk of SIM abuse and reduces data connectivity costs. No contracts and no volume commitments mean you only pay for what you need while having a real-time view of spend across your entire Sim base.

SIMcontrol is built on core mobile network infrastructure to ensure maximum reliability. Unique add-ons include location services, data session history, device setup SMSes, Sim profile lookups, an advanced API for system integration, and a technical support team that understands IoT and roaming device connectivity issues.

SIMcontrol has local online platforms available in Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa. It also offers three different roaming Sim options that cover every corner of Africa.

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