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15 June, 2022

MyBroadband: Mobile data connectivity – One size doesn’t fit all

For many companies, the way mobile data SIMs are managed have not changed much over many years. Traditional telco vendor offerings are extremely inflexible around mobile network choice, package changes and fixed term lock-ins.

They also typically don’t offer different types of SIM type options that best suit the various devices a modern organisation deploys including staff connectivity, IoT devices, mobility devices, security technology and many other connected devices.

Taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach to data SIM management is not what modern organisations require to help them deal with the fine balance of maintaining reliable mobile connectivity while reducing their mobile data costs. Using the new-generation mobile data options provided by SIMcontrol gives companies the flexibility and simplicity they need.

More options, without losing control

With many more use cases to deal with, organisations are moving towards choosing different types of SIMs for different deployments. Factors such as network choice, custom firewalling, data quota allocation, data cost, contract lock-in term and monthly fees all play a role when deciding which is the best SIM option to deploy in each use case.

This must all be done in a way that ensures the company has real-time control and visibility over all SIM types from all mobile networks. Luckily, there is a way to do this using SIMcontrol.

Becoming network and SIM type agnostic opens up many options for deploying the best SIM for each requirement. SIM types that can be managed on the SIMcontrol online platform includes:

Managed APN

If shared pooled data across multiple mobile networks, custom networking & firewalling, end-point security, data quota limits or flexibility around APN data contracts are required, then this solution may be ideal.

Business Prepaid

With the right tools and remote balance monitoring, prepaid SIMs can be transformed into highly reliable business data SIMs. If term flexibility, data cost, multiple networks or cost reduction is required, then this option may be ideal.

Business Contract

For some applications, especially those with very high data usage and no need for custom networking or term flexibility, traditional enterprise or top-up data contracts are a good option. But without real-time visibility & control the risk of abuse or bill shock is high. These are available in 3 to 36 month options. SIMcontrol monitors data usage and automated data top-ups where needed.

Global IoT Data Roaming

Deploying connected devices across Africa or the globe requires careful planning and the right network partners that understand IoT data roaming issues. This option could also be good for devices such as POS or fintech terminals that need maximum network coverage being able to connect to multiple local networks.

One platform, multiple networks

The SIMcontrol platform provides a wide range of reliable network-agnostic cellular connectivity solutions on a single platform. Advantages of using SIMcontrol includes fast SIM supply, spend management, data usage controls, multi-network options, SIM type options and specialist technical support.

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