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20 May, 2020

MyBroadband: Mobile connectivity – Staying flexible is key during uncertain times

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As many companies in South Africa scramble to get their employees set up to work from home, the reality of connectivity costs, control and flexibility is becoming more important than ever.

In the traditional office environment, managing connectivity and data use was not such a serious issue for IT managers, as data costs were essentially a part of overall fixed network infrastructure.

Now, with many employees being forced to work from home, using mobile data where home fibre connectivity is not available has become costly and difficult to manage. Mobile data use has shot up while trying to keep employees connected and productive.

Furthermore, many traditional mobile connectivity options such as corporate APN’s are not ideal for certain uses due to high data costs, not having SIM-level control (bill shock risk) and requiring long term and inflexible commitments.

During the uncertain times that we live in, staying flexible is key. It is very hard to make long-term commitments as future mobile data use across an organisation is extremely hard to predict.

Companies need to be able to scale up and scale down fast as the environment changes. Staying flexible with regards to mobile network choice, SIM types and data spend commitments is key.

The online SIMcontrol platform from Flickswitch gives organisations a management and control layer for data SIMs from all major mobile networks.

SIMcontrol’s self-help platform automates the management of prepaid, top-up, managed APN, and global roaming SIMs at scale.

For ultimate flexibility, their unique Business Prepaid service allows companies to automate the management and loading of prepaid data SIMs across all major networks. With no long-term commitments these SIMs can be scaled up and down as needed, with complete control over mobile data spend.

It also allows for easy one-click recharges to “Top-Up” data contracts from all mobile networks. Many companies have rolled out these promotional data deals as part of their work from home connectivity but are now struggling to manage the SIMs properly at scale.

Getting on top of mobile data spend while staying flexible and not locking in long-term spend will be important for companies in the months ahead.

The Flickswitch team, being network agnostic and with over 10 years of business SIM management experience, can offer independent advice on different mobile connectivity options.