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9 November, 2020

MyBroadband: Fix the pain of managing Top-Up data SIMs

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As companies have embraced mobile working they have realised that traditional mobile data connectivity options such as unmanaged APNs and open-ended corporate data contacts can be expensive and tricky to manage.

Many of these businesses have therefore opted for more cost-effective Top-Up (also called Hybrid) SIM contracts.

These typically get allocated with a specific amount of data per month, and when the data is depleted the SIM stops working.

While this is great for managing costs and bill-shock, it becomes very tricky for managers to manage a SIM base at scale.


SIMcontrol has solved this problem by launching a new product offering called Business Top-Up.

It makes managing your company’s Top-Up SIMs a piece of cake.

Building on its fully-managed Business Prepaid offering, the SIMcontrol platform manages existing Top-Up contract SIMs from all major mobile networks – including MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, and Cell C.

With features such as automated, scheduled, or manual data bundle recharges as well as balance monitoring and daily usage graphs, SIMcontrol takes the pain out of managing company SIM cards.

SIMcontrol automatically monitors and manages your existing base of Top-Up SIMs, too, ensuring SIMs are always topped up and online.

The easy-to-use online platform also allows you to manage SIMs from all mobile networks on one central account.

With over 10 years of experience in SIM management, SIMcontrol can add even more value by helping you choose the best SIM option for each type of deployment.

SIMcontrol then offers management of different SIM types from all major networks, including Business Prepaid, Managed APN, and Data Roaming options.

With SIMcontrol’s Business Top-Up service you can easily move your existing SIMs onto the SIMcontrol management platform with no down-time or device changes.

Let’s recap the benefits:

  • Manual or automated recharges on Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, and Cell C
  • Real-time SIM balance monitoring on MTN and Telkom
  • Specialist technical support
  • No contracts – Add or suspend SIMs as needed

Click here to learn more about SIMcontrol’s Business Top-Up platform.