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20 August, 2019

Locking Down Mobile Devices to Only Use Specific Business Apps

Rolling out enterprise mobile devices at scale can be risky. We often get asked by customers how to lock down mobility devices deployed in the field (like phones or tablets) to prevent other apps being loaded or enforce certain usage policies.

We researched a few Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms that you might find useful for locking down your devices.

Remember that locking down the device is only one part of managing your risk. Speak to us about using SIMcontrol to manage your SIM abuse risk should it hacked out or stolen.

Below are some enterprise options that you might want to investigate.

  • VMware’s AirWatch
  • MobileIron
  • Citrix’s XenMobile
  • Miradore
  • Good Secure EMM
  • SOTI
  • Amtel NetPlus Mobility
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Symantec Mobility: Suite
  • Google (as part of theAndroid Enterpriseplatform also has a good list of Android-approved EMM’shere.

There are also more simple apps that can perform basic MDM functions.

  • App Blocker
  • Spyzie
  • Block Apps
  • Freedom
  • Zero Willpower
  • RescueTime

*Note: These are not specifically recommended or suggested by Flickswitch. Each have different features and benefits.